Restricting A User’s Email To A Specific Domain With Custom Zend Validator

At work, some of our online forms need to make sure that user’s use a specific email address. Since I write most of my forms with Zend, I was hoping there was already a validator for that, nope. Oh well, it wasn’t that hard to write one.

The following class will make sure that a given email address is from a specific domain. (This won’t verify it’s an email, though I could of just extended Zend_Validate_EmailAddress)

'Invalid domain used.',
self::NO_DOMAIN => 'No email domain provided.'

public function __construct($allowedDomain, $options = array()){
$this->_allowedDomain = $allowedDomain;

public function isValid($email)

$domain = explode('@', $email);

// If no domain.
if(count($domain) == 1){
return false;
// Wrong domain used.
if($domain[1] != $this->_allowedDomain){
return false;

return true;

To implement it on a form element:

$this->addElement('text', 'email', array(
'label' => 'Email:',
'description' => '(Please use your account.)',
'validators' => array(
array('EmailDomain', true, array('')),
array('EmailAddress', false, array('messages' => 'Please use your email address.'))

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