Parsing Full Names into First and Last Columns in MySQL

So the other day I was importing a list of authors into one of my clients databases and I screwed up and put the entire name into the first name column. (Well really because that’s how the file I was parsing was created.) Anyway, my client wanted them separated, which made sense since the other 8000 authors were done this way. To do this I wrote the following query and ran it:

update db.content_type_auth a
# Update the last name first so you don't lose the entire name. You're just taking everything after the first word and setting that as the last name. (+2 to because of ' ')
set a.lname = substring(a.fname, length(substring_index(a.fname, ' ', 1))+2, length(a.fname)),
# Update the first name using the first word
a.fname = substring_index(a.fname, ' ', 1)

# This was needed for my specific case.
where a.nid in
SELECT nid FROM db.node where type = 'auth' and nid > 555555 and nid < 666666 )

The only side effect from the above query was that if the name had any leading white space, the first name became blank and the last name became the whole one. To fix that just add trim() to

# Last name
set a.lname = substring(trim(a.fname), length(substring_index(trim(a.fname), ' ', 1))+2, length(a.fname)),

# First name
a.fname = substring_index(trim(a.fname), ' ', 1)

I also had about 5 that were co-presenters, but that's an entirely different situation.

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