A Quest of Becoming a Windows and Linux Server Administrator Guru

So I’ve decided to take it upon myself to get deep down in the dirt and grime of all this server management jazz. At my job, everything has pretty much been streamlined and it’s just basic management which I have staff to handle. Though, I’m always wanting to know how exactly things work when it comes to software, the network, etc; so I’ve decided to setup a home network of the following:

– Linux Database Server
– Linux Web Server
– Linux SMTP Server
– Windows Active Directory (AD) (all Linux / Windows systems will authenticate against)
– Distributed File Share (DFS) with Windows Server 2008 (Possibly 2012 R2 if I can get my hands on it, the college expired my free software subscription)
– Hyper-V fail over cluster (need to purchase another computer or just use my crappy labtop)
– Redundant backup system (not sure on the software I’ll use)
– Security
– Maybe throw in an MS SQL Server database server

By the end of this, I’m probably going to get the system admin certs for Linux and MS. But the main goal is just to gain the knowledge. Anyhow, day one has consisted of:

Setup to CentOS 6.4 VMs one using an external network adapter (live to the world) and the other an internal network adapter (only accessible by the Virtual Machines (VMs) on my computer. The Linux Web Server will use the external network since it needs to be accessible to the world while the Database server will use the internal network. (Better security)

So that’s it for tonight, not really much, but a start. Next steps will be:

1) Upgrade MySQL and setup the my.cnf file to use all 2 GB of RAM on the database server.
2) Upgrade Apache 2 and setup httpd.conf to allow maximum connections and use 2 GB of RAM.
3) Setup a dummy website and have it connect locally to the MySQL database on the other server.

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