How To View Network Card’s MAC Address From Boot on a Dell

I needed to log on a computer that had been sitting by my desk for a while so that I could get some files off of it before I gave it back to the office that loaned it to me. After some initial boot problems (see post later post on Reseat Memory) I wasn’t able to login to our network domain because MAC address filtering was enabled on the DHCP server.

“Ok… so how the hell do I get the MAC address without being able to run ipconfig /all from the command line? (Starting windows in Safe Mode with Command Prompt does not give you a command prompt until after you’ve logged in. Makes sense I guess.). Well, it turns out to be fairly simple:

1) Restart the computer
2) Press F12 to get to boot options
3) Select “Onboard Network Controller”

The first bit of output that you get is the Client’s Mac Address. Just add that to your DHCP’s approved filter list.

Note: I could of logged on as the local admin account and ran ipconfig /all but the computer was setup way before my time and I didn’t know it. I could of reset it with my handy password resetting disc, but I didn’t think about that (though i ended up having to reset it anyway because the computer has a static DNS address set! *sigh*)