Why Even Non Developers Should Learn to Use Tools Like FireBug

Have you ever gone to a website and then a stupid popup shows up that you can not get rid of? E.g. they don’t give you a close option

firebug_1Annoying, I know.  Well with a tool like FireBug, you can actually remove that popup’s code and it will magically go away!

What  you need to do is

1) Open up FireBug (or whatever) and find the “inspection” tool

Once you click this, you can then hover your mouse over the web site to highlight certain elements.  Do this until you find the annoying box:

When you’ve got this highlighted, look back at the FireBug window and you’ll see a piece of code highlighted.  This code is what actually makes the box (sort of).   It’s actually eaiser if you select the code from FireBug and have it auto highlight the web page:


Then just right click the code and “Delete Element”.  Now the box is gone!


Now lets remove the opaque background blocking your clicks.  This is pretty simple because if you go back to FireBug, click on its inspection tool and then click anywhere on the webpage, you will be clicking on the overlay.

Just right click delete element again.  And now you can view the page and click on the links!!


Have fun with FireBug.  If you ever screw the page up, just refresh 🙂