Using Godaddy SSL Cert on IIS 7 and IIS 6

GoDaddy called me today and said that they screwed up and allowed us to add an already existing domain (on some other clients certificate) to our certificate and that I needed to remove it. Ok. Done.

Godaddy: thanks, you have 24 hours to install your the newly generated certificate.

Thanks Godaddy, it’s Friday evening and my IT guys are out for the next 2 weeks. (It’s actually not that hard to do, but come on…)

You can just follow the online instructions to get the certificate up and running on IIS 7: So that got three of my sites back on using SSL.

Now when I went to update our IIS 6 websites, it wouldn’t work… So I called GoDaddy, maybe they’d give me some support.

Godaddy: Sorry sir, we don’t support how to export the SSL certificate from IIS 7 to IIS 6.

Me: Oh, that’s all I have to do? *hang up*

So I just went back into IIS 7, exported my certificate to a .pfx, then just imported it to IIS 6. Bam, all my IIS 6 websites were using SSL again 🙂